Crop Report

We hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather. It's beginning to feel like fall! We just picked another apple variety this morning, Macoun. It's similar to McIntosh and is an excellent apple to bake with. Paula Red is another new variety this week. It's a great sauce apple. Here's an updated list of what you can find in our farm market this weekend. Apple varieties: Paula Red Macoun Ginger Gold Redfree Fresh produce: Peaches Sweet corn Watermelon Cantaloupe Grape tomatoes Heirloom tomatoes Red, yellow, and green tomatoes Garlic Green beans Barlett pears Acorn squash Butternut squash Zucchini and yellow squash Sweet candy onions White potatoes Sweet potatoes Cucumbers Hot cayenne peppers

Crop Report

Hey everyone, here's this week's crop report. Lots of great produce in our farm market this week. The heirloom cherry tomatoes are quite delicious. They have quickly become one of our favorites. Apple season has begun and Jay (our Australian Shepherd) is pretty happy about it! Redfree, an early variety, is now available. Redfree is similar to Gala, it's crisp and sweet. These apples are the perfect healthy addition to lunch boxes as we head back to school. We hope to see you this weekend! Farm fresh produce: Ginger Gold apples Redfree apples Sugar Giant white peaches Contender yellow peaches Sweet corn Watermelon Cantaloupe Bartlett pears Red and white potatoes Sweet potatoes Red, yellow, an

Crop Report

Hi everyone! Here's this weeks crop report. Stop by and see us this weekend! Ginger Gold, an early apple variety is available starting today. This early apple is sweet with a little tartness. They are great for eating as well as cooking. There is also a new seasonal roast from Reza's Roast available this week. We absolutely love their delicious! Farm fresh produce: Peaches (Yellow and White) Ginger Gold apples Lodi apples Bartlett pears Sweet corn Watermelon Cantaloupe Red & white potatoes Sweet potatoes Heirloom tomatoes Cherry tomatoes Red & yellow tomatoes Zucchini Yellow squash Cucumbers Bell peppers Banana peppers Hot peppers (jalapeños, habaneros, thai chilies) Onions Eggpla

Crop Report

Hi All, check here weekly for an update on what is available in our farm market. We try to update every Thursday or Friday. For those who just can't wait for fall, we do have frozen gallons and half gallons of cider available. Just ask during checkout! It's going to be a lovely weekend in the Springs stop by and see us! Homegrown produce available this weekend: Red Haven peaches Lodi apples ( perfect for sauce ) Sweet corn Watermelon Cantaloupe Tart cherries Blueberries Blackberries Red potatoes Cherry tomatoes Cabbage Onions Heirloom Tomatoes Red / Yellow Tomatoes Zucchini Yellow squash Green beans Jalapeños Banana peppers Bell peppers Cucumbers Pickles Eggplant

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