Crop Report: U-Pick Pumpkins!

It's finally starting to feel like fall! Today we have been pressing cider for the weekend, washing and grading apples, and clipping pumpkins from the vines so they are ready for u-pick. Our pumpkin patch is looking great this year! U-pick pumpkins officially starts tomorrow! Two new varieties to look for in the next couple days are, Jonagold and Red Delicious. We are working on getting them picked, washed, and graded. Apple Notes: Jonagold was developed at The Cornell University New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. This variety is a cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious. Jonagold are super crisp, juicy, and a nice balance of sweet and tart. It is an excellent all-purpose ap

Crop Report

Hey everyone, here's this week's crop report. Our cider press is back in business, we pressed a batch this afternoon! Although it doesn't feel much like fall this week, we have been picking lots of apples and pumpkins. A new apple variety this week is Fuji. Fuji was developed in Japan in 1958. It is a cross between Ralls Genet and Red Delicious. Fuji is crisp and sweetly tart. They are great for eating, salads, and applesauce. This weekend will be our second week at the Yellow Springs Farmers' Market. We are very excited to be back! This week we will have apples, cider, pears, and squash. For more produce visit our route 68 location. Farm fresh produce available in our farm market: cantaloup

Crop Report

Hi everyone! We made our first batch of apple cider yesterday. As of now we have a limited supply due to a technical issue with our machine. We hope to press again early next week. This afternoon we are busy picking and washing apples for the weekend. Our lastest pick is Yellow Delicious. Yellow Delicious (or sometimes called Golden Delicious) is the second most grown apple in the United States. This variety was discovered in West Virginia in 1914, at this point it was called Mullin's Yellow Seedling. Yellow Delicious is mild, sweet, and a good all purpose apple. We hope you all get to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend! Apple Varieties: Honeycrisp Cortland Gala McIntosh Jonathan Yello

Behind the scenes: apple and pear picking

It's a beautiful day to be out in the orchard. We've been hard at work this afternoon picking apples and Asian pears. Our Asian pears look gorgeous this year! More apple varieties to come this week! Stay tuned!

Crop Report

Hey Everyone, several new apple varieties picked this week; Cortland, McIntosh, Jonathan. We are starting to bring in lots of pumpkins from the field. Our front porch is full of autumn colors! As we move into fall we are sad to announce that our peach season is over. We hope you enjoyed the peaches this year as much as we did. Fingers crossed for another great season next year! Here's a little info about the new apple varieties this week: Cortland is a cross between Ben Davis and McIntosh. They are crisp, juicy and sweetly tart. Cortland is a good all-purpose apple but is best in salads because its white flesh resists browning. McIntosh was discovered by John McIntosh in Ontario, Canada, in

Crop Report: Honeycrisp!

We are very excited to announce that Honeycrisp apples are back! Honeycrisp is a customer favorite, it is very crisp, juicy, and sweet with a slight tartness. Honeycrisp apples are excellent for eating and cooking. For the apple nerds like us, Honeycrisp was developed at the University of Minnesota in 1991. It is a cross between Honeygold and Macoun. Another new variety this week is Gala. This variety is also crisp and juicy. Gala are great for salads and pairing with cheeses. Gala was developed in 1934 in New Zealand. Mums arrived yesterday. They are gorgeous this year! This chilly morning has us thinking fall! If you haven't already heard, the Sunflowers are up! Stop by and see us this wee

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