Orchard Update

Thanks for checking in! As we head into our last weekend of the season here are some updates. We are still offering buy two get one FREE on the ENTIRE store. It's a great time to stock up on favorites like apples, cider, jam, honey and maple syrup. Things are going quickly, so now is the time! We just pressed a fresh batch of apple cider. Our cider will be a great addition to your holiday parties! It's also buy two get one! Our apple supply is running a little low. If we still have apples left after the weekend we will plan to put them on the porch on the honor system. We will let you know! The last day of the season is this Sunday, December 23rd. We will reopen for our 2019 season in June.


Our Goldrush supply is running low. It's looking like they may not last through the weekend. Be sure to stock up now! We will have seconds (apples with bruises and blemishes) available at a discount to extend our apple supply.

Orchard Update

Thanks for checking in! We still have plenty of apples! A list of varieties to look for this weekend to follow. Here are a few things to know.. We just pressed another batch of cider. This batch was made mostly with Goldrush apples..it's delicious! We will keep pressing cider until we close up for the season. If you want to stock up on cider so you can enjoy it through the winter freeze some! Just pour a little off the top. Lots of customers are asking what we plan to do if we still have apples after the 23rd (our last day of the season). We will definitely have several varieties up until our last day. After that, depending on what we have left, we are planning to put pecks out on our front

Orchard Update

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking in. Just a quick update on the apple varieties we have available and other things going on around the orchard. We just pressed a big batch of cider today. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (December 7-9) we are running a special on cider. Buy two get one FREE! Yes, free cider! This opportunity only comes around a couple times a year so be sure to stock up! Our cider will stay fresh for three to four weeks unopened. Once it is open, drink within 10 days or so. To enjoy cider through the winter, pour a little off the top and freeze it. Apple varieties available (as supplies last): Fuji Goldrush Granny Smith Ida Red Pink Lady Suncrisp Winesap Don't forget, our la

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