Crop Report: Fresh Picked Summer Favorites

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking in this week! Have you been loving this weather as much as us?? After last week's heat wave these days have been perfect! There are lots of new things to look for this weekend as well as our usual summer produce staples. Full list of produce to follow. We've been taking advantage of these beautiful days and working in the orchard as much as possible. Start looking for our apples around the beginning of September, fresh pressed apple cider to follow! Speaking of cider, we still have frozen half gallons and gallons available in our farm market. It's a fantastic batch that was made primarily with our Goldrush apples. Our first press of 2019 will be mid Septembe

Crop Report: Red Haven Peaches

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking in. We hope you’re surviving the heatwave this weekend! Lots of great summer produce to look for in our farm market this weekend. We’re thinking tomatoes with mozzarella and basil might be our go to meal this weekend. Light, cool and easy! Red Haven peaches are officially in! It’s been a tough year for local farmers, like us, many Ohio peach growers lost their entire peach crop. Peaches are high risk, high reward in our climate. Fingers crossed for next year! Luckily, we’ve had awesome peaches from other orchards this year. We’re getting to the end of the season for southern peaches and northern peaches are just starting up! Start looking for peaches coming

Crop Report

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking in this week! Summer produce is in full swing. We have a great variety of locally grown produce to choose from this weekend. A full list of produce available to follow. We were very excited to get sweet corn in this week. Now it officially feels like summer! Brentlinger's sweet corn will be available in our farm market all summer. There's nothing like fresh picked Ohio sweet corn! Tomorrow, Friday July 11th, is the last day to place orders for tart pitted cherries. They come fresh in 10 pound buckets for $29.99. Send us an email or give us a call to get on the list! Cherries will arrive mid-July. Bulk quantities of peaches are still available in 25-30 pound

Crop Report: Locally Grown Produce

Hey there, thanks for checking in! We hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. Ours was filled with lots of food, family and of course, fireworks! There's a bunch of new produce to look for in our farm market this weekend. We're very excited to announce that we will be carrying a wide variety of locally grown organic produce. A list of all produce available to follow. This week's batch of tree ripened peaches have been fantastic! The variety is Contender. We still have peaches available in the 25-30 lb. boxes for $30. This freestone variety is great for canning and freezing! This week we were able to visit two local business that we collaborate with, Caesar Creek Vineyards and Reza's Downto

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