Crop Report: Apples & Sunflowers

Thanks for checking in this week! It's really starting to look like fall around here! More apple varieties to look for this weekend. Full list of produce available to follow. We will be open regular hours Labor Day weekend. Saturday: 9am-5pm Sunday: 11am-5pm Monday: 10am-6pm We've been loving these beautiful days out in the orchard and picking apples as much as possible while this weather lasts! Today we are picking Jonathan. Look for Jonathan apples in our farm market in the next few days. Peaches are starting to wind down so be sure to get your fix before the season is over! We still have 25-30 pound boxes of peaches for $30 for those interested in canning or freezing. The Tecumseh Land Tr

Crop Report

Thanks for checking in! Yay, finally some MUCH needed rain this week! These brisk mornings have us thinking fall. So many exciting things to come! However, we don't want to get too ahead of ourselves, there's still plenty of delicious locally grown summer produce to enjoy while it's here! Full list of what to find in our farm market this weekend to follow. This week has been full of harvesting. We've been picking lots of winter squash and we've just started getting into the pumpkin patches, yes pumpkins! Pumpkins will be available at our farm market soon and Pumpkin picking will begin shortly after in mid September. Stay posted! We're taking advantage of this gorgeous day out in the orchard.

Crop Report: Honeycrisp Apples

Thanks for checking in this week! Our farm market is full of delicious locally grown produce. Be sure to stop by this weekend for all of your summer and early fall favorites. Full list of produce available to follow. It's been a busy week around the farm. This week we have been picking blackberries and all sorts of squash. New squash varieties to look for in our farm market this weekend are Spaghetti, Acorn and Buttercup squash. We love spaghetti squash as a healthy pasta alternative! We are so excited to have apples again! This first taste of fall has been fantastic. We have plenty of Honeycrisp, it's just the beginning for this apple favorite! Look for some of our early varieties early Sep

Crop Report: First Taste of Fall

Hey everyone, thanks for checking in! Several things to share this week. Look for everything this weekend from Summer to early Fall favorites. Full list of produce available (as supplies last) in our farm market to follow. We are very excited to welcome back our most favorite thing, APPLES! Yes, apples! We can hardly believe its that time again. They look and taste amazing! There's nothing like crunching into a crisp apple! To start out we will have limited quantities of these early varieties. List of varieties to look for to follow. More and more blackberries have been ready to harvest. We hope you all have been loving them as much as we have! There's nothing like fresh picked berries! A co

Crop Report: Locally Grown Heirloom Tomatoes

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking in this week. Summer produce is in full swing! Lots of delicious fruits and veggies to look for this weekend. Full list of produce available to follow. The locally grown heirloom tomatoes have been fantastic! If you're unfamiliar with heirlooms, don't let the appearance scare you away! They may not look like a perfect red tomato but their flavor is out of this world! We love them for everything from sliced with mozzarella to chopped up in salsa. Here's an article from Good Housekeeping with a little more info about heirlooms and their varieties, We got a delivery of orchard ge

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