Crop Report: Farm Fresh Blueberries

Thanks for checking in this week! Delicious summer produce staples to look for in our Farm Market as we head into the weekend. Not sure about you but a caprese salad with Ohio grown tomatoes is calling our name! Full list of produce available to follow. The past few days have been absolutely beautiful and we've been loving every minute! Summer in the apple orchard consists of long days tending to the trees to get them ready for Fall. As you know, Ohio summer days without too much humidity are hard to come by so we are using up every bit of this weather that we can! Our apples are looking good! We hope to have a great crop this year! Now is the time to start freezing and canning peaches! If y

It's Peach Season!

Thanks for checking in this week! Several new additions to summer produce available in our Farm Market. Full list of produce to follow. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Stay cool, it's going to be a hot one! Georgia peaches have been fantastic! We are so happy when the long wait for peach season is over and it's just the beginning. We will have peaches all summer long! There's nothing like a juicy peach on a hot summer day! Our berry patch is looking great! We're hoping to have pick your own blackberries and black raspberries available starting mid-July. Check back for more updates! We are now taking orders for tart cherries. Here's the scoop: Michigan tart cherries come fresh and p

Open For Our 2020 Season!

Our Farm Market is officially open for the season and we are so happy to be back! We couldn't have asked for better weather for our opening weekend, it's going to be a beautiful next few days! Locally grown summer produce is just starting to harvest. We will have several summer staples available this weekend including, peaches, melons and tomatoes! Full list of produce available to follow. This winter and spring we spent lots of time in the orchard tending to the trees. We have about 3,000 apple trees and 100 peach trees each one needs to be hand-pruned before spring, it's a chilly job! Every year we add some new trees to the orchard, either to replace ones that were lost in the previous yea

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