Crop Report: End of Summer Favorites

Thanks for checking in this week! It's been such a hot and humid week here, we are looking forward to some cooler weather this weekend! It's hard to believe but we are starting to harvest pumpkins! The porch of our Farm Market is full of fall color, yay! You'll find a great mix of produce in our Farm Market this weekend. We love this time of the season, there are so many different freshly harvested, locally grown fruits and veggies! Full list of produce and apple varieties available in our Farm Market to follow. We are now offering u-pick black raspberries! The black raspberries we planted last year have been growing like crazy and have put on a good early fall crop. These delicious berries

Crop Report: Fresh Picked Honeycrisp Apples!

Fresh picked Honeycrisp apples are now available in our Farm Market and we couldn't be more excited! We received our first delivery of mums today, fall is officially underway here at the orchard! Full list of produce available to follow. Although autumn is quickly creeping up on us we still have several weeks of summer produce to go! We just can't get enough sweet corn this season! It's been so tasty. Everything has been a touch behind this year due to a late spring but we finally have a great selection of peppers. Grab a box of tomato seconds and a mix of hot peppers for the perfect summertime salsa. We also highly recommend peach and corn salsa. Recipes below. Corn Salsa Recipe Peach Salsa

Crop Report: First Taste of Fall

Summer produce is still in full swing at our Farm Market but today early apples arrived giving us the first glimpse of fall! Apples are officially back and we couldn't be more excited! Full list of produce available to follow. The first apple variety to hit our Farm Market this year is Ginger Gold. Here are some things to note. Early apple varieties are a great first taste of varieties to come but they are NOT keepers. Where most later season varieties hold well in storage for months at a time, early varieties are best within 10 days of purchase. Apples are best kept in the refrigerator. Ginger Gold are crisp with mild sweetness and subtle tartness and spice. They make excellent apple sauce

Crop Report: Michigan Blueberries

We hope you all are having a wonderful week! We've really been enjoying these beautiful days. Summer produce is in full swing! So many summer favorites to find in our Farm Market this weekend. Full list of produce available to follow. These cooler days have everyone thinking apples. We hope to have some early apple varieties available in the next couple weeks, its still a bit early. Check back here for updates! It will be fall before we know it! Many of you have been asking about Michigan blueberries, they have arrived and are SO good! We are so lucky to have delicious sweet corn grown and harvested so close to us. Brentlinger's is by far the best sweet corn in the area! Corn on the cob is o

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