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Orchard Update

Thanks for checking in!

We still have plenty of apples! A list of varieties to look for this weekend to follow. Here are a few things to know..

We just pressed another batch of cider. This batch was made mostly with Goldrush's delicious! We will keep pressing cider until we close up for the season. If you want to stock up on cider so you can enjoy it through the winter freeze some! Just pour a little off the top.

Lots of customers are asking what we plan to do if we still have apples after the 23rd (our last day of the season). We will definitely have several varieties up until our last day. After that, depending on what we have left, we are planning to put pecks out on our front porch on the honor system. We will email and post when we know for sure!

This weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (December 14, 15, 16), we are offering buy two get one FREE on HONEY and JAM. Both make great holiday gifts! Treat your holiday guests to some delicious local honey or homemade jam on their morning toast!

If you're looking for a gift for someone who has everything, check out our handcrafted gifts and other local goodies. We also have apple shipping boxes!

Apple varieties and produce available (as supples last):



Pink Lady



Winter squash: spaghetti, butternut, acorn


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