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Orchard Update

Thanks for checking in!

As we head into our last weekend of the season here are some updates.

We are still offering buy two get one FREE on the ENTIRE store. It's a great time to stock up on favorites like apples, cider, jam, honey and maple syrup. Things are going quickly, so now is the time!

We just pressed a fresh batch of apple cider. Our cider will be a great addition to your holiday parties! It's also buy two get one!

Our apple supply is running a little low. If we still have apples left after the weekend we will plan to put them on the porch on the honor system. We will let you know!

The last day of the season is this Sunday, December 23rd. We will reopen for our 2019 season in June. Stay posted for updates!!

Thank you all for helping us have a wonderful season! Happy holidays!

Apple varieties to look for this weekend (as supplies last):



Pink Lady

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