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About Peifer Orchards

Welcome to Peifer Orchards! Our Farm Market and Orchard are located just outside of Downtown Yellow Springs.


Our Farm Market is open June through December offering a wide selection of locally grown seasonal produce, specialty food items and gifts.


Seasonal u-pick on our Farm includes berries, pumpkins and apples. Details about pick-your-own can be found here.

Our Fresh Pressed

Apple Cider

Our fresh apple cider is a seasonal favorite. During the fall, cider is pressed twice a week to keep up with its demand. It is made with only the freshest apple varieties available at the time, making each batch unique.
We intentionally press small batches to create the highest quality apple cider. Our cider is also unpasteurized, this keeps the cider in its natural state, full of flavor and nutritional benefits.

Please note that our apple cider tends to sell out on weekends during September & October. Give us a call to make sure it's in stock before making a special trip.

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