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Crop Report: It's Pumpkin Time!

Thanks for checking in! Fall is in full swing around here! The front yard of our farm market is full of pumpkins. Stop by this weekend to get the first pick of these beauties! Full list of apple varieties and produce available in our farm market to follow.

It's been a busy week around the farm this week. Picking pumpkins in this heat hasn't been ideal but we have an awesome team that powered through it. Because of the heat, we will be opening up our pumpkin patch for u-pick next weekend. Fingers crossed for some more fall like weather!

We're still clutching on to summer produce staples. In this heat, caprese salad is still our go to for lunch and dinner. Simple, fresh and delicious!

This week we harvested Golden (Yellow) Delicious. Here's a little more info about the variety:

Yellow-green apple that is mild and sweet with just a bit of tartness.

Fresh picked they are pretty crisp but will soften. Golden Delicious is favored for eating but is a good all-purpose apple.

THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER! Now that we have a good blend of apples we will be pressing our first batch of apple cider tomorrow! Woohoo! Our handcrafted apple cider is pressed in small batches to ensure the highest quality. This being said, we tend to sell out. If you're worried give us a call before you head out our way. Cider is first come, first served.

Here are a couple fall recipe ideas from Halfbaked Harvest to really get you feeling those fall vibes. It's butternut squash season and we couldn't be more excited! It's a fall favorite (besides apples, obviously) around here, we add it to almost everything! Recipe links to follow.

Butternut Squash and Apple Pizza is a great transition from summer to fall, yum. Because we all need to treat ourselves to a couple cheat days, Chai Spiced Apple Ricotta Galette is a must on the menu this week. It's easy to make and just so pretty. There's nothing we love more than apple desserts, yay fall!! For this recipe we recommend a mix of Honeycrisp, Jonathan and Crimson Crisp.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend! Stop by and see us!

Weekdays: 10-6

Saturday : 9-5

Sunday: 11-5

Here's what to look for in our farm market this weekend (as supplies last):

Apple Varieties:



Crimson Crisp

Crimson Gold

Early Fuji


Golden Delicious

Grimes Golden




Tomatoes: Red, Yellow, Heirloom, Grape







Pickling Cucumbers


Sweet Candy Onions

White Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Winter Squash: Butternut, Delicata, Buttercup, Sweet Dumpling, Acorn, Spaghetti

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