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Crop Report: Georgia Peaches!

Thanks for checking in! We have lots of delicious locally grown produce available in our Farm Market as we head into the weekend. Full list of produce available to follow.

We are now taking orders for Tart Michigan Cherries. Here's the scoop:

  • Cherries are fresh picked (not frozen)

  • Already pitted - this might be the best part!

  • Available in 10 or 30 pound buckets

  • Pricing will be determined after harvest

  • Cherries arrive late July/early August. We will contact you as soon as they get here.

  • Call, email, or stop in to get on the list!

Feeling like 10 pounds of cherries might be more than you can handle? Split them with a friend or neighbor! The cherries arrive fresh AND pitted so they are very easy to split up. You can also freeze the cherries and enjoy them later in the season.

We've had a lot of questions this week about berry picking. We hope to open our berry patch for u-pick mid to late July. Updates will be made through the Crop Report and our website. We should have u-pick for Blackberries, Red Raspberries and Black Raspberries! Yum!

This seasons fresh picked blueberries are SO delicious! Here's a recipe for blueberry coffee cake muffins. A perfect treat for an easy Sunday morning!!

Farm fresh locally grown produce available in our Farm Market

As supplies last

  • Georgia Peaches: Contender (Freestone)

  • Watermelon: Black Diamond

  • Cantaloupe

  • Blueberries

  • Sweet Cherries

  • Tomatoes: Red & Yellow

  • Cucumbers

  • Pickling Cucumbers

  • Zucchini

  • Yellow Squash

  • Candy Onions

  • Red Onions

  • Red Potatoes

  • Garlic

  • Green Beans

  • Lettuce


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