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Crop Report

 Hey everyone, here's this week's crop report. Our cider press is back in business, we pressed a batch this afternoon! 

Although it doesn't feel much like fall this week, we have been picking lots of apples and pumpkins. A new apple variety this week is Fuji. Fuji was developed in Japan in 1958. It is a cross between Ralls Genet and Red Delicious. Fuji is crisp and sweetly tart. They are great for eating, salads, and applesauce. 

This weekend will be our second week at the Yellow Springs Farmers' Market. We are very excited to be back! This week we will have apples, cider, pears, and squash. For more produce visit our route 68 location.  

Farm fresh produce available in our farm market:


seedless watermelon 

green beans

heirloom tomatoes 

red, yellow, and green tomatoes 

zucchini and yellow squash 


bell peppers 

hot peppers

sweet potatoes 

white potatoes 

bartlett pears 

Asian pears 

acorn and carnival squash 

spaghetti squash 

sweet dumpling squash 

Spotted pup and sunspot squash 

Apple varieties:







Yellow Delicious 

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