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Crop Report: U-Pick Pumpkins!

It's finally starting to feel like fall! Today we have been pressing cider for the weekend, washing and grading apples, and clipping pumpkins from the vines so they are ready for u-pick. Our pumpkin patch is looking great this year! U-pick pumpkins officially starts tomorrow!

Two new varieties to look for in the next couple days are, Jonagold and Red Delicious. We are working on getting them picked, washed, and graded.

Apple Notes:

Jonagold was developed at The Cornell University New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. This variety is a cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious. Jonagold are super crisp, juicy, and a nice balance of sweet and tart. It is an excellent all-purpose apple.

Red Delicious is America's most popularly grown apple. It was first discovered in 1872. Red Delicious are crisp and juicy. They are best for snacks and salads.

Okay, here's the crop report. Please note that all items below are as supplies last. We handpress our apple cider every other day but due to its popularity we can run out. Feel free to give us a call at (937) 767-2208 to double check.

We hope you all get to enjoy the beautiful weekend!

Farm Fresh Produce:

Heirloom, red, yellow, & green tomatoes

Grape tomatoes

Zucchini & yellow squash


Bell peppers

White potatoes

Sweet potatoes

Bartlett pears

Asian pears

Acorn & carnival squash

Spaghetti squash

Butternut squash

Sunspot and spotted pup squash

Sweet dumpling

Apple Varieties:






Yellow Delicious


Red Delicious ( should be available Saturday 9/30 )


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