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Crop Report

Thanks for checking in! Are you as crabby about this heatwave as us?? That cool spell was such a tease! Fall, now we are really ready for you. Lots of new apple varieties to look for this weekend as well as summer staples. Full list of produce available to follow.

We've been picking tons of apples this week. A newer variety to us, Crimson Crisp, was harvested this week. It became an early fall favorite last year. Many of you will also be very excited to learn that we have started to harvest Cortland!

Fresh pressed apple cider will be here soon! We hope to start pressing in about 10 days. We are just waiting for a few more varieties to be ready for harvest. Stay posted!

To fix your cider cravings we do still have frozen gallons and half gallons from our final press of last years season. We drink it year round this way, its awesome! Our final press was mostly Goldrush so the batch of frozen is some of the best.

As ready as we are for some cooler weather we are still glad to have summer produce! There are lots of tomatoes to look for in our farm market. If you haven't done any canning for the winter yet, get on it!

Okay, here's some food inspo for the weekend. We haven't tried this Pecan Apple Cider Cake yet but it looks amazing and screams fall! If you try it let us know how it turned out! A summer favorite of ours, Heirloom Tomato Bolognese is a great recipe to take advantage of vine ripened tomatoes while they're in season. Recipe links below.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Produce available in our farm market (as supplies last) :

Apples: Honeycrisp, Fuji, Gala, Jonathan, Cortland, McIntosh, Crimson Crisp, Crimson Gold

Asian Pears




Sweet Corn

Tomatoes: Red, Yellow, Green, Heirloom, Grape


Pickling Cucumbers


Yellow Summer Squash

Bell Peppers



Winter Squash

Green Beans

Candy Onions

White Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

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