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Crop Report: Fresh Pressed Apple Cider

Apple cider season is here! We pressed our first batch yesterday, it's officially fall! Leaves are starting to fall here on the farm. These chilly mornings and evenings have us feeling those autumn vibes!

A couple new apple varieties to look for in our Farm Market as we head into the weekend. Full list of apple varieties and farm fresh produce available (as supplies last) to follow.

Our first weekend of u-pick apples was a great success! We're looking forward to offering u-pick apples on weekends in September and October. Updates on varieties available for pick-your-own will be updated here weekly.

Our pumpkin patch will be opening up for u-pick in a couple weeks. U-pick pumpkins will be available seven days a week once it begins. Stay posted for details.

We will be pressing cider twice a week until we close up for the season at the end of December. Our apple cider is small batch and unpasteurized. Due to its popularity, our cider tends to sell out by Sunday afternoon during the fall. Cider is first come first served. Please call ahead to ensure we have it before you make a special trip.

If you haven't had an Apple Cider Mimosa, you are seriously missing out. Here's a recipe from Love & Lemons for Apple Mimosas & Butternut Squash Egg Bake. Is it time for Sunday brunch yet??

It's time to get your autumn decorating on! Our Farm Market is loaded with gourds, pumpkins, mums, corn stalks and more! Be sure to share your porch decor with us via Instagram or Facebook. We love to see what y'all come up with!

Here's some information about u-pick apples this weekend:

  • When? Saturday and Sunday only.

  • Saturday 9am - 5pm

  • Sunday 11am - 4pm

  • Varieties: Jonagold & Golden (Yellow) Delicious.

  • Please note not all varieties that we grow are available for u-pick.

  • Apple Jonagold and Golden delicious are currently NOT available in our Farm Market. They will be u-pick ONLY this weekend. Check back for updates on when Jonagold and Golden Delicious become available in the Farm Market.

For more details please check HERE

We hope you have a wonderful weekend! If you are visiting Yellow Springs this weekend for a hike at John Bryan or a stroll downtown, stop by and see us! It's a great weekend to grab lunch or enjoy a delicious dinner on one of favorite local patios, Sunrise Cafe or The Winds.

La Pampa Mobile food truck will be setting up at our Farm Market this weekend.

Friday 4:30pm - 6pm

Saturday 11:30am - 2pm

Farm Market Hours:

Weekdays 10am - 6pm

Saturday 9am - 6pm

Sunday 11am - 5pm

U-Pick Apples Hours: WEEKENDS ONLY

Saturday 9am - 5pm

Sunday 11am - 4pm

Produce and apple varieties available in our Farm Market (as supplies last):

Apples: Cortland, Gala, Golden Supreme, Honeycrisp, Jonamac, Jonathan, McIntosh

  • Vareities for U-PICK ONLY: Jonagold & Golden Delicious. Available in our Farm Market soon. Stay posted for updates!

Tomatoes: Red, Yellow, Green, Heirloom, Grape


Pickling Cucumbers


Yellow Summer Squash

Green Beans


Sweet Corn


Sweet Potatoes

Bell Peppers

Sweet Candy Onions

Chili Peppers

Winter Squash: Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti, Carnival, Buttercup and More!

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