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Crop Report: First Weekend of Autumn

Thanks for checking in this week! It's going to be a beautiful weekend for u-pick pumpkins and apples! Details on U-Pick and a full list of apple varieties and produce to follow.

We are harvesting apple varieties for our Farm Market every week. If you are new to the Crop Report, this is the best place to stay up-to-date with produce and apple availability in our Farm Market and for U-Pick. Please note that not all apple varieties are available for U-Pick. Our U-Pick variety changes weekly.

We plan to have u-pick apples available Saturday & Sunday as supplies last. We will keep you updated if U-Pick sells out.

Due to our harvest schedule we will have a weekend where u-pick apples will not be available. Information on this will also be updated through our Crop Report.

U-Pick this weekend: U-Pick closes an hour before our Farm Market

  • U-Pick Pumpkins:

    • When? Seven days a week

  • U-Pick Apples:

    • When? Saturday & Sunday as supplies last

    • Varieties to pick? Suncrisp

    • What is Suncrisp? Suncrisp is a good all purpose apple but is best for simply eating. They have a unique almost citrus flavor. Some notice a hint of Banana (we know, how odd!)

    • Please note that Suncrisp is available for U-PICK ONLY this weekend. Check back for Suncrisp availability in our Farm Market soon!

    • For more details about U-Pick apples click HERE

Sharing one of our favorite fall treats, these Streusel Apple Bars do not disappoint! So good and so fall! Halfbaked Harvest is our go to for all fall recipes. Link to recipe below.

These warmer days have us torn between summer and fall. No weekend is complete without a cocktail! This Apple Cider Margarita is the perfect Summer & Fall combination! Recipe below.

Food Trucks this weekend:

  • Friday and Saturday: La Pampa Grill

  • Sunday: Christian Bros

New apple varieties to the Farm Market this week:

  • Jonagold: A cross between Golden Delicious and Jonathan. Crisp, juicy and sweet. Good all purpose

  • Autumn Crisp: Crisp and juicy with a delicious sweetness. Best for eating!

Produce and Apple Varieties Available in our Farm Market (as supplies last):

  • Apples: Honeycrisp, Autumn Crisp, Cortland, Gala, Jonathan, McIntosh, Yellow (Golden) Delicious, Jonagold

  • Tomatoes: Red, Yellow, Heirloom, Organic, Grape

  • Zucchini & Yellow Summer Squash

  • Peppers: Bell and Jalapeños

  • Green Beans

  • Cauliflower

  • Cabbage

  • Sweet Candy Onions

  • Eggplant

  • Sweet Potatoes

  • White Potatoes

  • Winter Squash


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